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Gridwall is an extremely popular choice of tradeshow and event displays. specializes in Black Gridwall Rental but we are able to get it in other colors such as white and chrome.

We offer it in a range of sizes such as 2'x4', 2'x6' and 2'x8' as well as product display accessories such as hooks, shelves, waterfalls, baskets, etc...


You can add T-legs to grid panels to create free standing floor displays.  It often takes just minutes to assemble and disassemble grid displays.

What Smokin' Exposition Services can do for you!
Our gridwall rentals offer a cost-effective way to make a big splash on a budget!
By us bringing the gridwall right to the booth, it cuts significant cost and time in shipping, material handling and setup time.

Exhibitors - Do you have an upcoming show that you want to display your merchandise at but don't know what the best way to do so is?
    Or do you have your own gridwall and accessories but realize the size and weight make it too costly to ship?
    We will work with you to determine the best setup to display your products and at a reasonable price!
    We coordinate the drop-off and pick-up times with you and bring the gridwall right to your booth so that all you need to do is arrive and set it up.

Event Promoters and Venues -
Working with us allows you to offer your exhibitors displays with minimal work.

    We work with you on pricing and allow you to bill your exhibitors a nominal fee for the value added service.

    We work quickly, efficiently and can coordinate an event with short notice.

    What we do for Your Exhibitors:

    Renting from us cuts their exhibiting and material handling costs.

    If this is their first trade show or conference, using trade show rental gridwall will give them an opportunity to try out a display to see what will works for them.
    By renting, they can try different options until they are comfortable.

    If they attend only two or three shows a year, trade show gridwall rental is more cost effective than purchasing.
    They can space out the rental costs, rather than put a large chunk of their budget up for trade show gridwall rental that will spend more time in storage.
    Plus, they can alter their display size or configuration with each show.

Due to the uniqueness of each show
(location, quantity and size of panels, accessories, etc...),
we do not offer pricing online but know that it is

SIGNIFICANTLY lower than our competition.

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Please Contact Us today for pricing!

Qty discounts available upon request!

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